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These three would make a hot couple! Er, trio.

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    Chuck and Blair

    We call them Chair. And we'll never forget the ups and downs that led to their love.

    Haven't you heard?

    Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch around here.

    Leighton Meester, Adam Brody Photo

    A new report indicates that Leighton Meester and Adam Brody just got engaged. Here's hoping.

    Chuck My Bass

    Here's a funny piece of Chuck Bass paraphenalia. Gossip Girl fans everywhere, rejoice!

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    love B's dress want it lol i wonder is Ssaid something for Nate and Blair to have the same faces oooh maybe she said i think Jenny and Chuck would be a great couple then everyone's faces would go like that for a rly rly long time


    eew B rooting for jenny over Nate AND Serena. that's almost as bad as chuck and jenny. never gonna happen


    in this whole season blair's hair looked different,fewer and strange from season 1 and 2,back then i think it had a lot more volume,now her hair looks like it has no life and her wardrobe became,i don't know....,back in season 1 i would have never thought that waht she wears now even would be blair like....i liked the way she dressed then more than she dresses now,i weirdly begin to like serena 's clothes more than blair's...


    I actually love this dress. God Bless Eric Daman for not fucking up yet another Blair outfit. this is a rare occasion as of late.


    LMAO as if, B would never root for Jenny, in fact she would probably root for NS while Chuck would try to destroy them. Nate and Blair looks like they're suspecting of something imo, like they're not agreeing with something S agrees.


    B and N look angry at S!! Maybe B's rooting for Jenny!! I love fanfics with B siding with J instead of S!!!