Serena the Student
Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) is not known for her studious side, but she is looking to get into Yale in "New Haven Can Wait" from the 2nd season of Gossip Girl.

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Does anyone know a website i can buy this jacket from? Thanks


Gossip Girl Queen if your parents have so much money they should have spent it educating you, rather than buying you whatever you desire. You're no elitist you can't even spell


i love her bag.. what is it?


I'm pretty sure that Serena gets into Yale and Blair doesn't. But The shows a lot different from the books so who knows lol


I have that jaket i picked it up from a friend of mine that work's as 1 of the ralph lauran desiners it cost me 2 and a half grand! I have a lot of the close from gg (gossip girl) ma perents by me wat ever i wont coz they got all the money in da world just 4 me 2 spend!


I Can't find the jacket anywhere!! I wanna get it so bad =(


her beutiful jacket is from ralph lauren collection


Can anyone tell me who makes the white blouse Serena has on? The jacket is one thing....that blouse is amazing!!!!!


I agree, How can you really shoot an episode at columbia and try to pass it off as Yale. So many differences, not really realistic if your trying to capture Upper East Side Elite Lifestyle. I mean Yale created the Elite, at least capture it.


what's the jacket she's wearing
its so nice

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

I swear to God I will take you down.


Chuck Bass, we've been waiting for you.

Yale Guy