Serena Rules All
Modeling at Fashion Week, Serena van der Woodsen is on top of the world in "The Serena Also Rises" from the second season of Gossip Girl.

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Beautiful site!


Incredible site!




I adore that dress. The shape and colour are amazing! And I also love that pearls are making a come back!


Can anyone tell me where/who that dress was made from?
bc i love it!


OMG!!! She looks super gorgeous


cute dress ♥


Get the look! Did you know that on the Gossip Girl episode, “The Serena Also Rises,� Blake Lively chose to wear TARA's stunning golden pearl and diamond earrings with her green dress on the runway? While I always thought stylists dressed the stars, Blake really is living up to the "fashionista" claim many have placed on her. This is a new look for the Upper East Side good girl for sure! These large South Sea pearl earrings are valued at $14,945.00 and are from TARA's latest Vintage Collection, set in a rose-cut diamond wreath. See or call 1 800 235 2790 for more info on their latest collections and pricing. A similar pair with Tahitian Pearls was previously worn on an episode last season by Kelly Rutherford, who plays Lily Van Der Woodsen, Blake Lively's mother on the show. Like mother like daughter! TARA also has some great gift items under $500. Call 1 800 235 2790 to order. -TARAPearlLover :-D
Blake Lively wearing TARA earrings on “The Serena Also Rises.�

Blake chose to wear these earrings by TARA's Vintage Collection. See to purchase.
Like Mother Like Daughter! Last season Kelly Rutherford wore a similar pair of TARA Tahitian pearl earrings, also from the Vintage Collection. See to purchase.

Lonely boy

funny. that's not a WALDORF dress.. looks like i can see a little J imprint in the seem!
xo xo


I just want to say that I

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