Serena Hospitalized!
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Serena is in the hospital in this still photo from "The Debarted." What do you think has landed her there?

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    i'm thinking that while she and tripp are running away together they get into an accident. they're probably somewhere on Long Island. **UPDATE: They never mention which hospital serena is sent to, but they do say that it is in nassau county, new york. i'm actually from nassau county, and from what i could see it looked like st. francis hospital up in roslyn, which would explain the tiny cottage in the semi-secluded area (and the crappy hospital conditions) but i'm not 100% positive. that's just my best guess.


    ahhh i love serena and nate together, they are amazing.. whenever i watch i just wait for the serena and nate scene that HASNT happend yet hah
    ahh hury up and get together


    I've always thought Nate and Serena made a cute couple. :) NxS


    oh obviously they will end up together


    i really like that nates there. i think him and serina should be wit eachother, theyre soo cute together. Nate and Serina would be the best couple.


    maybe tripp did something to her .. you never know


    goodbye trippiboy ...N (!!!!) + S =


    when i saw the preview, i was thnking that S would lose her memory. LOL


    when i saw the preview, i was thinking that she'll lose her memory after the accident. lol


    Serena and Nate are perfect for each other! It's Serena's fault for being in the hospital- she's the one who chose Tripp over Nate!