Serena and Carter Again
Another picture of Carter (Sebastian Stan) and Serena (Blake Lively) in "Rufus Getting Married." What do you think the future holds for this hot couple?

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It does look like Serena's breaking up with him. But Geez girl! If you're going to breakup with a guy don't wear something with that much cleavage! It's cruel.


carter and serena will never be chuck and blair. period. so dont even go there CW ....


the last time i saw this sorta pic was when serena and dan broke up! and it was at her moms wedding! if she breaks up with him i will be so mad! she needs to have a bf for longer then 4 episodes!!!!!


but they shouldn't break up! they look so good together!
he's like the perfect boyfriend for serena. the best boyfriend serena's had.


or maybe she's dumping him...


Daydreamer - my first impression was exactly the same :)


That's what I was just about to mention, Daydreamer. It seems like Serena is making a habit of getting dumped by guys she really likes/is serious about at weddings. :/


her boobs. holy jesus

Spying beret

This photo reminds me of when Dan and Serena broke up at Lily's last wedding.


Seems like heaven is over for these two.

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Chuck: Look, I love you, but just because Nate liking Bree doesn't make her a piranha. And Serena liking Carter doesn't make him a prince.
Blair: Where are you going? I have tension!

Chuck: Look ... I may loathe the guy, but he didn't have to own up to anything. I bought him a ticket out of town. He risked a lot, knowing Bree would be there. He must really care about you.
Serena: The girl he proposed to was a Buckley.