Secret Cover - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 15
Hiram may be the face of the Lodge dealings, but Hermione is just as involved and the true culprit. She'll take matters into her own hands if she comes across a snitch in her organization.

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Jack Rowand/The CW
The CW
Marisol Nichols, Camila Mendes
Riverdale Season 2 Episode 15: "Chapter Twenty-Eight: There Will Be Blood"
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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Alice: I knew it!
Hal: Alice, what the hell are you doing here?
Alice: Accusing you publically! You only wanted a divorce so that you could cheat me out of your big fancy Blossom payday.
Hal: It’s not just my payday, the girls share Blossom blood too.
Alice: My attorney is going to rip you apart! Isn’t that right, attorney McCoy?!
[Alice cuts off Sierra McCoy]
Alice: I will be taking half of whatever blood money you get from this inbred sesspool of a family. Yeah, that’s right, I said inbred.
[The crowd whispers]
Penelope: Would you please just leave?
Alice: Shut your face, you half-melted ten cent Trollope.
Toni: This is riveting.
Cheryl: I can’t breathe.

Chic: What is this?
Betty: When you wouldn’t submit to the DNA test, I found some of your dental floss and sent it to the lab. Those are the results.
[He stares at the folder]
Betty: You’re not who you say you are, Chic. So, who are you?