Secret Circle Scene
With Jake standing behind her, Cassie looks on in this scene from "Family." She'll have to use her dark magic on the episode.

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Television Shows Released On DVD?
Hi all,I'm a guy whose job is a keeper of a deserted island in Australia, there's no any signal but it has the electricity, so the situation is I can't watch tv just like you, but can enjoy DVD, VCD. So here's my question: have any Television shows i'd like to see released onto DVD or VCD which have been previously available? I'd like to see the eighties Television series Werewolf be released on DVD.
I'd like to see the 70's live-action Spiderman television show be put onto DVD.
Also, I'd like to see the 80's Spiderman cartoon put onto DVD. Any tips or suggestions is appreciated

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The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

We have to get our powers back and help the circle and there is only one person who can make that happen.


The six of us together couldn't stop Samuel and he only had one demon in him, Eben has six!