Scott and Georgina
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Scott and Georgina in "Rufus Getting Married." Chances are this episode is going to mean big things for both of them - and not necessarily good ones.

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    Damn it Scott, nobody wants you. Go away. Georgie, there's love for you on the show but you need to remember this very simple rule, sliver cocktail dress= strappy sandals not a pair of sandals left over from the movie Gladiator.


    i agree with you hepburn.


    O pls, spare me! can't g.g be a little more original for once! georgie and scott...really...this show has gone to the dogs..


    agree* sorry


    That kind of dresses doesn't look good in her body... the dress itself is nice, it's just that I do not like as he looks Oh! and I'm ttly aggre with you lyn


    Georgina is really scraping the bottom of the barrel, ain't she?


    Serena's dress is stunning! especially the uneven flowy hemline. Blair's I have seen better. Also, I feel like I have seen Blair wear similar yellowy-green things like this. which is too bad because I like Blair so much more than Serena. Blair would look better than Serena in Serena's dress.


    I love Georgie's hair and dress. Scott needs to be cropped out of the picture. literally and in...get him off the show!!!)


    i think they would make a cute couple!!! haha


    but i loved the dress =)