Scheming J
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There's no telling what Jenny Humphrey is up to. But this photo from "Gaslit" shows she's back in full effect.

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    To 'I Love GG'. There have always been bitches amongst Manhattans elite, what do you think was the cause for blair and all her take downs in the earlier series? It just so happens that Juliet is not even one of Manhattans elite. But she is still a bitch. And im sure shell get what's coming to her after mixing things up a bit. I hope it'll be Blair and/or Chuk to take her down. Like J said herself, together there invincible. xoxo


    sad that the show keeps getting worse. I like the older versions....what are the writers doing!?
    I wish they would get rid of the "bad girls." I didnt become a fan because I liked watching juliet sabbotage serena. Shes a main character and doesnt deserve the kind of treatment that the story line is giving her. I hope they get rid of juliet and everyone in NYC realizes what she is trying to do to serena and her family. If serena and blair go off the show or worse things happen to them i dont think I can watch anymore. This whole bad guy and bad girl scenario is old. Just finish off jenny and juliet...and focus on more fun and happy stuff. The "im a bad girl" that jenny and juliet and now vanessa (all play) is getting old. They arent bad girl actreses. Its just annoying. If they keep dragging it on its "bye bye," Im sure for a lot of GG fans. Make the good out reign the bad already because vanessa being a bad girl (in relaity) just doesnt fit. The show is loosing the reality aspect of the characters part...and now everyone is turing eveil!? Come on now.


    This show is getting ridiculous, the stories are getting taller and taller. I am a big fan of Gossip Girl, but if this keeps up, I will lose interest. P/S: Jenny's style needs to be reconsidered, nobody likes her racoon eyes.


    Very much like a raccoon to dig through someone's garbage.


    It's like a crime scene lol


    i think she's realising via the mask that juliet drugged serena and she and vanessa will realise juliet wants revenge a little more than they do!


    here we go again history repeating ! masquerade Jenny with Serena's mask !


    yess eww


    they is she jigging in someones trash at juliets!!! like wtf prob blairs and serenas trash sicne she is tolding that mask.


    I like Jenny, although I definitely wish they changed her appearance instead of the bleached out hair, raccoon eyes and the hooker boots. She can still be edgy and not look like a prostitute on the street.