Sansa on Her Knees
Poor Sansa. She begs for her life from Joffrey in this scene from episode two of season four.

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Actually, my head nearly exlodped with all the innacuracies from that Randy Macho Man: Savage tribute. It's nice having Toby there to fact check during the episode, but for Josh particularly would it kill you to look up stuff beforehand? Not that it matters whether Randy was a commentator for all those years', or never actually was at the first Wrsetlemania, or (etc etc), but as a listener it's really quite jarring when you get it wrong and the jump all over Brett trying to correct you. Completely avoidable, too For Toby; if you haven't read it yet, read the fabulous William Goldman book Which lie did I tell which includes some good Andre the Giant stories for example, my opinion of Mandy Patinkin ( Inigo ) went through the roof when I read how he slapped the s#^t out of Andre what balls! in on order to get him to stop wrestling-acting', and start acting-acting'.

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Helen Sloan/HBO
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