S and B in NYC
S and B in a photo from the February 20, 2012 episode of Gossip Girl. "Cross Rhodes" is the 16th installment of the season.

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serena has every right to be mad if chuck was in love with serena i am sure blair would react the same way even worse


Looks like our annual BS Catfight has arrived.


@Chair can never be friends forever(lovers only) dan is powerful in the eyes of serena and blair. wetpaint thinks that dan will be the thing that will break up serena and blair's friendship.


@ Chair can never be friends forever(lovers only)
Well Serena has a right to fight for Dan who the hell is Blair??


ewwww blairena fighting over that jerk dan? i hope not


Well, Serena is a kind of dumb in this case. She hasn't been with Dan for years, sees that he's spending all this time with her best friend, including writing a book about being in love with her, then she decides this would be the perfect time to confess her love for him? Serena, you don't own Dan. Although, I missed the old Derena days...Back when Gossip Girl had coherent writing. Once upon a time they were cute together and I actually felt bad for them when they broke up at the end of season 1, got back together and then broke up in Dark Night because they realized they kept having the same problems. It all went to hell after that though


S and B classic catfight returns! I know it's bound to happen. Again.

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