Rick and Natalie Rhodes
Rick laughs it up here with Natalie Rhodes. She's the actress who will play Nikki Heat on the big screen.

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Hey Jessica and Lacey, or should I say Lacey and Jessica? =)I just wtnaed to let you two know that I discovered your vblog lesbian love just the other day and I love the chemistry that you guys have together. After finding your vblogs (which I watched to no end) and going through the numerous links that you had beneath your show (I'm probably that random person that requested your friendship on facebook and became a follower on your twitter =), I found this website and let me tell you, it has been the highlight of my past days. I have seriously read every single post that you two had out because they were so sincere and you two are unbelievable. While reading the posts, it's hard to have a bad day because you guys give your advice on how to deal with not only bad break-ups but how to live life daily with your fitness tips and nutrition guides. You two were made for each other and the love that you share is so evident in your everyday life and I wish that more of the world would read what you ladies have to say because you speak the truth and there's no BS behind it. What really made the difference for me is that you guys gave the advice to whoever would listen BUT you also gave personal examples and experiences that you have learned to back up each piece of information. Now, I'm able to look forward to the day because I've decided that I want to change my attitude so that I can be more positive! Thank you, Lacey and Jessica, you two really are rolemodels that I look up to =)Keep doing what you do best!-dkim (p.s Lacey I admire your athletic achievements in high school. Next year, the #1 Singles for girls tennis state championships will be mine!! as long as I believe and work toward what I'm passionate for, right?)

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Castle Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Pick it up, Dad, a murder will make you feel better.


Your books are not exactly Shakespeare.

Martha [to Castle]