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Professor Shane will play a key role on The Vampire Diaries. He'll serve as a mentor for Bonnie.

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I went to the convention this past weekend and the actor who played Shane was SUCH A JERK. He was rude and totally full of himself. I've met a ton of actors/actress's(and everyone else at the con) and I have never had an experience like that. He wasn't mean, just rude and very cold. Conversations with every single other actor present and they wanted to talk about anything and everything. Especially Trent Ford. But anyway, I really don't want to meet Professor Shane now on the show. UGH.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Jeremy: What happened?
Damon: Long story. Buy the e-book.

Damon: You should have called Stefan.
Elena: I don't trust him right now.
Damon: P.S. I called Stefan.