Preventing a Heist
Joan and Sherlock try to figure out how to prevent a heist during a blizzard on Elementary. "Snow Angels" is the 18th episode of the show's first season.


This show would be a hundred times more interesting and enjoyable if the writers and Mr. Miller had the ability to create and portray a personality for Mr. Holmes more subtle than "total conceited a**hole". For some hints they might read one or two of the dozens of stories A.C.Doyle wrote for the original Holmes. Not only is his CONSTANT spoiled two year old on steroids boring and annoying since (surprise!)none of these people are actually super genius level intellects the supposed "smartest man in the world" makes gross errors of fact and logic again and again. Also, if you check the above mentioned stories you will find that the other S. Holmes used his powers of deduction to reason many different things about those he came into contact. New York is a conglomeration of more than a hundred small towns and Manhattan itself has numerous amazingly different areas from the bowery, Harlem, the village etc. down to the Wall Street area, the knocked down towers, the Armory, and two INCREDIBLY DIFFERENT RIVERS flow around it. Yet, this Sherlock detects not the sheep meadow concert area the skate pond the glaciers marked rocks I would eat lunch atop all these in Central park along with a dozen other things which might leave a trace on someone. No almost 90 percent of the time and about three times per episode he detects some past sexual pairing in which another character had engaged. How incredibly D U L L DULL. Duller than shaving with a serving spoon.

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