Planning for a Calendar
Their clothes are on at the moment, but the men of Glee will soon be stripping down for a calendar.

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¡ yeih! this episode is gonna be sexy, fun and totally gleetastic. god I hope Joe Heart is not gay, cuz he is like so handsome and charming, besides he had the hots for Quinn in season 3, so that means he is straight as hell.

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Glee Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Tina: For the record, Blaine has an awesome body and a perky and delicious behind that looks like it got baked to perfection by some sort of master chef.
Blaine: Thanks, Tina.

Artie: Wait, why does it have to be just the men? Why can't we objectify the girls, too?
Kitty: Because we're the ones who buy stuff. We're responsible for the consumer-driven economy. Those Twilight books are poop on paper and we've turned them into a billion dollar industry.
Alex: Team Jacob!

Glee Season 4 Episode 12 Music

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Glee cast torn Torn Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast centerfold hot in herre Centerfold / Hot In Herre Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast a thousand years A Thousand Years Glee Cast iTunes