Phyllis, Pam and Meredith
Three ladies of The Office - Phyllis Vance, Pam Beesly and Meredith Palmer. Wellm, two of The Office and one of Michael Scott Paper Company.

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The Office
The Office Season 5 Episode 23: "The Michael Scott Paper Company"
Pam Beesly, Phyllis Vance, Meredith Palmer
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The Office Season 5 Episode 23 Quotes

Pam: And I guarantee, that you will be satisfied! 'Cause your satisfaction is our guarantee! We guarantee it. We look forward to doing business with you too. Thank you Russell.
Michael: Yes!
Pam: I made a sale!
Ryan: Oh!
Michael: You did!
Pam: Oh!
Michael: Oh yeah!
Ryan: We did it!
Michael: She did it!
Michael: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

It's Britney bitch. And I am back, in the form of a new company. The Michael Scott Paper Company.