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Peter vs. Chicken
Oh, yes, it's Peter for an angry chicken once again on the season finale of Family Guy.

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Jessica glamor-ing Merlot's clitens into not tipping was epic! Eric seeing his father's crown was heart breaking. I don't know about you, but Sam is glue that holds True Blood together. Totally agree with you about the alienation with Sookie super-Sookie would be cool, but I'm not sure how she would be any easier to relate to? As always great review!

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Family Guy Season 10 Episode 23 Quotes

Joe: It feels good to know that thanks to me and my colleagues, a lot fewer people will be injecting cocaine into their penises tonight.
Peter: Is that a thing?
Quagmire: It's a great thing.

That's right, Joyce, apparently there were over 100 kilos of cocaine right here in Quahog. And yet my guy can't get dick.

Tom Tucker