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Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore
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Paul Wesley stars as the younger of two vampire brothers, Stefan Salvatore. Here's a picture of Stefan from the pilot of The Vampire Diaries.

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    Stefan is so sexy so is Daman.I daydream about them ever since I saw it witch was 2 weeks ago.Me and my sister think both the Salvatore brothers are SEXY.1986-2012 WOW 145 years dang. Now I vampires existed and i were one. me and my sister both also think Jacob is HOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    lui è veramente brutto con la B maiuscola !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I love vampire diaries and stefan is so SEXXYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!! i love him and i love damon :P xxxx


    damons cute and all but stefan is so sexy i watch the show every time it comes on even if its a rerun! only cuz i love vampire shows and 4 stefan and damon


    i am so0 enjoying vampire diaries and paul wesley is absolutely gorgeous,his eyes and mouth are to die for x


    i love stefan he look like edeard cullen and a bit like jack from eastenders
    he i s so so so so so so hott he fit ilove


    OMG! I love this show! I love that they are making more vampire movies/shows! Stefan is adorable, so adorable. Ok, I am a really big fan of twilight. Once I saw this show, it was like "bye, bye twilight, hello vampire diaries" Stefan I love you so much, dont stop making this show.


    but i like Damon especially in the last part of the book, he really let his brother have Elena. Ilike BOTH of them in the story, but sincerely stefan, a lot


    It'a actually 'I want to touch him, more tham any boy i've ever known' I didn't watch the movie, but yet I'm sure it's an interesting one. I'd die to watch it, more than any movie I've ever seen. I like it,Damon is way too cool,but especially STEFAN SALVATORE.


    "Iwant to touch him, more than ever boy i've ever known" i really like that in the book.
    Damon is rutheless and gorgeous, but i prefer STEFAN. He's way of a good vampire. I really like him in the story, even more than Twilight.