Oh Yes, J is Back
Jenny is back for good. Gossip Girl wasn't the same without her, either.

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i miss the little J from season 2. she cared so much about her family and she made her own perfect dresses. and i loved her hair!


omg! Uoh said everything i was thinking hahahaha

Jennmo13 gg 3

she should shave her hair off :)


oh well all saw her last week at the ball with no make up and she looked so pretty! why can't the writers have her take off all of that disgusting make up off her face and turn her into the old jenny, or she can go to boarding school.


@Uoh Jenny a constant character? What? Have you been watching for that last three and half years? If anything her character has been all over the map. Other than that, I'm in agreement with you. I would love to see more Blair orientated story lines. As much as I adore Chair. I'm glad to see Blair taking a stand. One thing about Jenny and the triad of Brooklyn. It doesn't make any sense. First all, even Vanessa isn't stupid enough to trust someone that's used her as a scapegoat in the past. Also Juliet single handedly cost her Dan. Dan wrote that he was going to give Vanessa another shot, until Juliet ruined that. Not Serena. And Vanessa also knows first hand that Serena has paid the price in the past. Hello second half of season 1! Now, for Jenny. She clearly no longer has an interest in Nate, so why is she still pissed at Serena? Why would she manipulate Lily, someone she likes? And why would she risk her flimsy trust with her father? What is she getting out of this? She already paid Chuck and Blair back with her blast. Why would she need to do it again? If Serena knew that Jenny was back, wouldn't Blair also? And obviously Blair doesn't give a damn anymore. Juliet is clearly crazy, Vanessa and Jenny are at least sane. So why would either of them agree to help her? Especially since she exploiting someone they both apparently like, Lily. And as for Serena sleeping with her boarding school professor, I'm with Colin on this. Ben's guilty. Serena may be a slut but she was 16 years old. A grown man should have known better. Professors that have a affairs with students know the rules and therefore know in advance the consequences. Juliet's fucking crazy. And I hope she ends up in a psych ward somewhere. As entertaining as tonight's episode was, Jenny's return didn't make any logical sense whatsoever.


I love what she wears and I love her!


why, why, why is jenny back :(


I'd have to agree with the others. It's actually been better without her so far; although the episode where she came back was pretty good.


Whatever, haters gonna hate. Jenny is awesome and somehow manages to show a pretty constant character, in a show where everyone's a hypocritical multiple-personality-disorder sufferer. I'm tired of this show only giving Blair a spotlight when it's about Chuck or Serena; I'm tired of Serena and Nate always walking away from everything guilt-free, of Dan's hypocritical bullshit and of tired attempts to spoon-feed us some faint version of what NJBC is supposed to be. Bring back Jenny, even if everyone hates her, lock Serena's slutty self in some remote wood cabin, give a return to Conflicted Nate instead of Stupid Judgmental Nate and for God's sake, give us Blair, high fashion, coherent and relevant Gossip Girl lines... and make these characters attend actual classes. Signing off now.

I am xoxo

ugly jenny.raccoon...why should she put those ugly makeup on her pretty face?

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