Ofglen's Challenge - The Handmaid's Tale
Ofglen finds herself in a terrible position. Will she survive?

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The Handmaid's Tale
The Handmaid's Tale Season 1 Episode 3: "Late"
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The Handmaid's Tale Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Aunt Lydia: Remember your scripture; blessed are the meek.
Offred: And blessed are those who suffer for the cause of righteousness for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. I remember.

Now I'm awake to the world. I was asleep before. That's how we let it happen. When they slaughtered Congress, we didn't wake up. When they blamed terrorists and suspended the Consitution, we didn't wake up then, either. Nothing changes instantaneously. In a gradually heating bathtub, you'd be boiled to death before you knew it.