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Nikita In Kosovo
Nikita heads to Kosovo where her mission has surprising consequences for Division on Nikita. "Brave New World" is the tenth episode of the show's third season.

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Of course they knew what they were doing. Killed by the Russian chick that is on US side, and at the same time Kosta is also in charge of smuggling Children. It must have been Carla Del Ponte and her crew writing this scenario, she has quite the imagination.


-- I ma from Kosovo and we just saw in the news about the episode Nikita and tell you the truth,we are shocked.People that are in charge abot this episode,have they ever been in Kosovo?Do they know anything about Kosovo?Do they know where Kosovo is? It is a shame,our people has suffer enough and we are trying to move forward.We don't need this trash.Kosovo is a safe country,for everyone.I think somebody should do something and stop this fullish episode.


They've got all the info wrong about Kosovo. They portray Kosovo as if it was Russia or some shit socialist country. At least they should get the facts right when they have a full episode aboput a country not just wing it cause people that watch the show might just stop.

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