Ned Celebrates His Marriage
Ned celebrates his marriage to Edna on The Simpsons. "Ned 'N' Edna's Blend" is the 21st episode of the show's 23rd season.

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The Simpsons Season 23 Episode 21: "Ned 'N' Edna's Blend"
Ned Flanders
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The Simpsons Season 23 Episode 21 Quotes

I'm married to the sea, and I'm seeing two of the great lakes on the side. I won't say which ones but it's ERIE how SUPERIOR they are.

Sea Captain

Moe: And that's that. Another story in the classic infallible three-act structure. Good enough for Aristotle, good enough for The Simpsons.
Lisa: Mr. Szyslak I have feeling there's going to be one more act to this story.
Moe: Well I'm not hanging around for that. Pfftt. Four acts.