Naomi and Annie
Naomi and Annie bond in this scene from 90210. Do you really buy these two as friends?

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please, naomi and annie will never be friends. annie is a hypocritical goodie toosho who got away with murder! i still cant get over the hit-and-run; it gives false results to the viewer AND it was a gateway to getting rid of this horrible actress (and yet the writer dont have the balls to go thru with it)!! the only reason im still watching is for the brief zingers naomi puts out and the hope for a reconciliation with liam lol (and yes i know that wont happen).


yeah!! i loved the Naomi and Ade friendship!! Where is Ade, oh! wait... GETTIN AN AWSOME SINGIN CAREER!!!


Can we not forget that Naomi and Adrianna are best friends. Not Naomi and Annie.

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