Mother's Ball Walk - Pose Season 1 Episode 6
The House of Abundance stuns and shuts down the competition for the annual Mother's Day ball walk.

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Pose Season 1 Episode 6: "Love Is the Message"
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Pose Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Angel: We didn't have sex the first time. He mostly wanted to talk. It wasn't dirty or nothin.
Patty: Did he talk about me?
Angel: Not really, but I already knew he was married, if that's what you're asking. He took off his ring and tried to hide it, but I always know. And I never feel guilty either. I figure, who am I to judge what goes on between two people. Why they need what they need.
Patty: You did -- you did have sex?
Angel: Uh huh.
Patty: Did he use protection?
Angel: Every time. We not together. I was the one who broke it off. I feel like he wanted to keep me. Like a doll. That's all I ever wanted. But when I had it, I just felt like I wasn't nothing until he decided to come home and play with me.
Patty: I understand.

Patty: How could a woman be a drag queen?
Angel: I'm a transsexual.
Patty: No, I don't believe you.
Angel: Why thank you. That's a compliment, you know.
Patty: That's not possible. I mean, Stan would never do that. You're a woman.
Angel: 100 percent.
Patty: Prove it.
Angel: What? You wanna see my dick?
Patty: Yes.
Angel: I'm sorry for what I did to you, and I'm here to talk, but I got boundaries. I'm not bothered about any part of who I am except that. Everything I can't have in this world is because of that thing down there. If you wanna see who I am, that's the last place you should look.