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One of the things I loved in The Flash Season 1 was when we got to see Barry at his day job. Not only is Barry a great speedster, but also a gifted CSI. <P><P> A recurring problem in The Flash is that several characters are barely shown at work. Everyone is usually just at STAR Labs which I do see as an important aspect of this show. <P><P> But not showing Iris as a reporter or Barry as a CSI shouldn't be the case. What I want to see from The Flash Season 4 is everyone, including Barry, getting to balance their double lives.

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The Flash Quotes

Captain Cold: Make the plan. Execute the plan.
[King Shark appears]
Barry: Expect the plan to go off the rails.

Barry: From Oliver and Felicity, we have an...expresso machine!
Iris: Okay, not on the registry, but I guess getting married during our wedding wasn’t on the registry either. So, yeah, sure.
Barry: Alright...
Iris: I'm not bitter.