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Chuck and Jenny in a pic from the May 3, 2010 episode of Gossip Girl. Will these two possibly ... eh, we have no idea.

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    can the girl please stand up straight, makes my back hurt looking at her..should give her the nickname of hunchback..yeesh..and no chuck n jenny..chuck and blair forever!


    NEVER...dont spoil my mood for gossip girl. i LOATHE jenny. she makes me wanna puke!


    if they get together ill break my tv.


    I wonder if Jenny is still pining for Nate!?
    Why else would her and Chuck still be around each other...


    no freakin way noooo chuck and jenny,chuck belongs with blair not that slut,come on dont do that to chair fans .hope chuck has the good sense to stay away from her,Im chair fan always


    If they ever get together I will never watch gossip girl EVER again! Its a horrible idea to put them together it just wouldn't work and isn't it so obvious that Jenny is all for Nate her step-sister's boyfriend. And clearly Chuck still misses Blair, as you can see in his over excess of women.


    The devil and his slut.


    Jenny & Chuck???NO WAY!!!Chuck and Blair, Serena & Nate ONLY the perfect couple...Jenny deserved neither one of them in the fact only Damien i guess!


    Yeah Chuck & Jenny action


    No way!! O, I hope Chuck won't do anything foolish with Jenny, it would kill Blair, plus... JENNY DOESN'T DESERVE A GUY LIKE CHUCK, she doesn't even deserve Nate if you ask me... Chair fan forever...