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Blair Waldorf and Georgina Sparks in a photo from the third season of Gossip Girl. They will be reunited in "The Freshman" ... surely with hilarious consequences.

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Georgie lover

I hate you Georgena,you bitch!!


Yes, just noticed to an actual who wore it better of headbands (with the colour palet of purple). I vote B, on G she looked too innocent whereas they are always empowering on Blair.


wow...saw that headband before! hahaha Georgie wore the same headband on "The Wrath Of Con" episode :) http://static.gossipgirlinside...


s: go to the party or i'll destroy you
G: well see if your little party will happen with you as host
s: i've always won host remember high school?

Blair bear

I think B and G should be friends too. I'm mean think about what those two can do when they're a team!! That would be so awesome!
But to see them as enemies is fun too...


i like!


Blair made them good girl Georgina bo back to bad =)))

Queen t

Blair doesn't look mad. She looks like she's lost all hope.


I want these two to be friends too! It was so funny when Georgina was a little Christian Girl and Blair made her bad!! Georgina and Blair could do some awesome scheming and plotting against some people :) not naming any names... *cough*(vanessa)*cough*


Blair looks pissed - I can't wait to see what the G-ster is up to!!

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Every fall confident high school seniors transform into nervous college freshmen. They leave their parents' homes for the hallowed halls of higher education. Like any new venture, the new journey represents opportunity to conquer new territory. Or to be a little less lonely. But just because the opportunity presents itself doesn't mean everyone is ready to take it.

Gossip Girl

Blair: I feel like I got off on the wrong foot here and I'd like to start again. So, thanks for bringing me Humphrey.
Dan: Yeah, well, I'd like to think that if I needed it, someone would do the same for me, although let's be honest, we both know it wouldn't be you. Oh ... no headbands in college.