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Miss Mystic Falls Picture
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Are Elena and Damon going to hook up on The Vampire Diaries? That would be the implication of this photo from the April 22 episode!

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    Damon is so sexy just like stephan they are so handsome :D


    Damon's eyes attracted me!


    Damon looking VERY handsome there, always thought Damon has a mystical, secert side so go Damon! And who could actually resist his looks, gosh! ;)


    Bonnie maybe will not with Damon for sure, but he will care about her. You will see, maybe in next season.;)


    ovr my dead body! damon will not be with bonnie! sure i like bonnie but really! damon and bonnie r gross 2gether. bonnnie should go with...well shell meet another witch.


    And what about Bonnie ? Damon is cool but he will be with Bonnie not with Elena ;)


    I'm starting to absolutely adore Damon, and who isn't? He's not as boring and "perfect" as Stefan. I mean, don't get me wrong, Stefan's a cool guy, but they casted someone too much like Edward Cullen. Damon is just plain sexy. (:
    Team Damon all the way


    I love them together. they r meant 2 b. like in the book, elena is damons princess of darkness. Stefan is becoming kinda bad and hes gonna eventually physically hurt elen. damon would nvr do tht 2 her. Delena 4 evr!!!!!


    Elena and him are so electric together.
    I'm loving this,
    Plus Stefan is getting his own storyline, and becoming less of a snooze and more of an interesting and might I say more complex- gasp- than he's ever been. Damon and Elena, love, forever!


    Damon and Elena look really hot together.
    but i like Stefan and Elena they should be together.