Mellie Grant - Scandal Season 5 Episode 1
Mellie meets with her husband, Fitz, during the Scandal Season 5 opener. She knows he's mad about the way she helped Rowan Pope murder an entire grand jury, but we're pretty sure she doesn't see The D Word coming.

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Scandal Season 5 Episode 1: "Heavy Is the Head"
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Scandal Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

[To Mellie] You don't matter to me. And now you also don't matter to the most powerful man on the face of the Earth.


[to Mellie] First, let's be clear. You did not do anything for me. You did that for you. You only ever do anything for your own benefit. Second, you didn't take me in. I was your prisoner. I was your puppet. I was your bitch. Third, my payment was that I got you elected. You are sitting in that chair, in this office, a United States Senator, because of me. That is how I repaid you. Fourth, one can only be betrayed if there is loyalty first. I was never loyal to you and you were never loyal to me. I don't think you've ever been loyal to anyone.