Megan and Family Discuss Bond
Megan, her parents, and Will sit down to discuss whether they should bail Lily out of jail for $25,000 or not. Megan's dad, Arthur (John Allen Nelson) wants to take the tough love approach and not.

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Privileged Season 1 Episode 14: "All About Tough Love"
Megan Smith, Will Davis
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Privileged Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Marco: oh yes, you and the feisty twin have finally found love. Funny how that happens just as Keith decided to terminate ours
Luis: yeah i heard about that, sorry man
Marco: it's okay, this way the world maintains a love hate balance. I'm happy for you two high school musical looking misfits

Rose [referring to Sage and Luis kissing]: They look so cute
Rami: It's about damn
Marco: What is ... oh look, happy people. Alright that's it, show's over, nothing to see here!
Marco [to Luis]: You, easy to replace sous chef, hands off the queen bee and get back to work.
Marco [to Sage]: and you trouble with a capital S, stop distracting him. Young love, makes me sick