Mason Pulls an All Nighter
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When Mason has to partner with both Conner and Sarah on a Dove shampoo commercial, he pulls an all nighter in order to do both in time for tomorrow's meeting.


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    Hector Releases the Dove

    As part of Hector and Tom's ridiculous Dove shampoo commercial pitch, Hector releases a live dove into the conference room.

    Sarah Pitches Dove

    Sarah pitches her very serious Dove shampoo idea to Denise and luckily has the support of the creative director, Mason McGuire on her side since he did the storyboards for her.

    Mason and Sarah Partner Up

    When Sarah is desperate for a partner for her Dove shampoo campaign and Mason ends up helping her out and pitching her idea over Conner's.

    Amy, Tom and Hector

    Amy heads up the Dove shampoo ad campaign and that certainly helps Tom, who is secretly dating her, get his chance at pitching an idea.

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