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Mariska Hargitay of SVU fame.

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Law & Order: SVU
Mariska Hargitay
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Law & Order: SVU Quotes

Benson: I'm just gonna be honest with you. These medical records show that you weren't looking for doctors to help Mariel get better. You were looking for doctors who would agree with you that she was sick.
Dawn: No. I'm a good mother. I was raised in an ugly, abusive household and I am blessed to have a daughter to love.
Benson: That isn't love! That's what you wanted, not what he wanted! I mean, what she wanted.

Mariel: Am I in trouble?
Rollins: Oh honey, no. We just want to find out what happened between you and Cody.
[Mother runs in] Mother: Honey, are you okay?
Rollins: Detective Rollins, SVU.
Mother [to Vanessa]: You called the police???
Vanessa: We had to.
Mother: Mariel, honey, what happened?
Mariel: Mommy, Cody raped me.