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M. Allison Hart
Looks like Gibbs' adversary is back on NCIS. What role does she play in "Masquerade"?

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I really like M. Allison Hart! She's an awesome character! I never fandom any of the gibbs love interests but i really love her, she's cool! (Way better then the other girls -_-)

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NCIS Season 7 Episode 14 Quotes

McGee: I was there, too, near the car, you know.
Ziva: We all were.
McGee: But don't let that stop you from thinking about yourself.
Tony: This isn't about me! It's about my little DiNozzo makers! They've been nuked!
McGee: I know!
Tony: Do you?!

First the plague, now radiation poisoning. I'm starting to think someone really has it in for me.