Lucas and Sami - Days of Our Lives
Lucas and Sami share a heartfelt reunion, before Sami gives Lucas some tough love about his drinking.

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Days of Our Lives
Sami Brady, Lucas Roberts
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Days of Our Lives Quotes

Jennifer: I just -- I feel like a nervous wreck. I mean, JJ is wracked with guilt and he is so depressed right now.
Kayla: Well, I know what Abe's been going through with Theo, but I can't believe the way he's treating JJ.
Jennifer: JJ won't even talk to me about it. I asked Eric to try to get through to him.
Kayla: Eric understands that kind of guilt.
Jennifer: No. JJ won't even listen to him.
Kayla: This is just an awful situation.

Kind of a somber Christmas Eve, isn't it?