Little JH
Jenny Humphrey has been cruising for trouble all season long. Will the third season finale spell doom for her character? What is she up to?

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Well I'm sorry CHAIRFOREVER, but the "sweet little humphry girl that just wanted to fit in", isn't her. She's even said that in interviews that she had a stylist back then because that character wasn't her, she didn't know how to dress to be the sweet little innocent girl. Atleast she's being herself and I give her credit for that.


im agree with "I really don't like you" why the hell she has her hair like this!? its not KIND OF sucks, its REALLY HELL sucks.


she's one of the best characters of GG i mean it.. she shows what we all want to see or at least me. but she has so many troubles for a fifteen-yeas-old girl


Jenny is the most interesting and exiting character on GG. Every week I watch GG just to see what kind of bitchy plan she's plotted.
I love her. I love the change in her. It seemed real. She grew up, in some ways. For all her haters - She looks great. The bitchy Jenny needs to look dangerous and a bit sad at the same time.
I'll admit - her hair kinda sucks. But besides that she's my favourite character. Why? Because she's interesting, unexpected. You can never know what she'll do next, and that is just what the show needs.


I AM SO FUCKING GLAD THIS BITCH IS OUT OF THE PICTURE. i never want her to come back. like you see as soon as shes out of the picture friendships gklue back like serena and blair, nate and dan. she needs to stay out. and all you people whoa re like i like jenny... wtf?? have you not been watching the shows. this 'thing' need not comeback. shes completely emo and pathethic, a waste of gossip girl really.


Season 1 - Season 3 Jenny Humprey... Such a differance... can't regonize her


Model? She's slim and tall but her posture sucks... And I hate that Jenny only wears black or grey or dark colours...


i miss cute, innocent little jenny humphrey in season 1! when all she wanted was to fit in...


just admit it. jennys - taylor momsen - has a incredibly unique look about her. she pretty beautiful without all the make-up! and her hairs really nice to! she does have the perfect body for a model. sure shes become something more of a rebel, out of her little jenny state, but really, it was the most complicated best way to go! her character has created such a story line this season!


i hope she comes back next season with short hair.

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