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Jenny Humphrey in "The Unblairable Lightness of Being." What a cute girl. And a bit of a mess, but hey, what can you do.

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    umm i think erica needs to get the f*&k over it there is always gunna be a character in every show that you dont like so just f*%king deal with it. btw she isnt a whore and she looks awesome.


    Well I think Jenny looks and is awesome!! And Erica I think its kinda sad that you have so much apparent anger with a FICTIONAL character!! FYI Jenny is not a slut or a whore so please stop with all that rubbish.


    I personally think Jenny is a very interesting character and il be sad to see her go, even for a little while. As for Nate and her i would love them as a couple They are soo cute as a couple and perfect for each other. She looks gorgeous here.


    God, her hair looks so fake and gross
    Other than that, she looks pretty


    Nobody is going to miss Jenny or Taylor Momsen when and if Jenny is gone. The Pretty Reckless has NO FUTURE. Sorry to break it to you guys, but you know indie bands like that never make it. I love their music, I love He Loves You and Makes Me Wanna Die, but I know they have no future. So she should stay to the show, but if she's leaving, than BYEEEEE AND GOOD RIDDANCE!


    i love her outfit, everything goes together so well


    i love her outfit


    SHE'S ACTUALLY USELESS IN THE TV VERSION OF GOSSIP GIRL, WHY NOT TAKE HER OUT PERMANENTLY FROM THE CAST? COME ON! save yourself some useless salary and allocate her salary for your show's budget.


    Love her clothes. Way out there, but they suit her. She is gorgeous.. but I agree those over-bleached ratty EXTENSIONS.. have to go! Oh and the visible suspender belts in future episodes dont look so good! Dont care, She works those racoon eyes. xx


    i hate her.. !