Leo Stakes Out the Silo - Humans
Leto stakes out the silo but will the results be fatal on the sixth episode of the HUMANS' second season?

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Humans Season 2 Episode 6: "206"
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Humans Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Laura: Mia, are you OK?
Anita: My name is Anita. Would you like some coffee, Laura?
Laura: What happened to you? Mia, are you in there?
Anita: I'm sorry Laura, I don't understand the question.

Dr. Morrow: You didn't tell me when you hired me you wanted to create conscious children. That's the plan, right? What you're doing, and what I'm doing. They're not unconnected.
Milo: No, they're not unconnected.
Dr. Morrow: You didn't think I'd have ethical concerns? Synth children aren't the solution.