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Leighton Meester poses for the camera... and looks as beautiful as always.

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    hi there first : no one can say no leighton is not pretty , becoues we can see leighton is very beatufill ( she is have a sweet face and nice hair & skin >> alhtoghe she is good but we must not saying perfect ( no one is perfect exapat Gad thanks alot :) sweet




    i don't care what you say, she is perfect; its really sad that your jealous.
    And no not everyone thinks super skinny is the definition of perfect, Leighton is just the right weight. And theres nothing wrong with being tanned, some of us have naturally tanned skin; and if you've got a problem with brands then whats the point in watching GG when it's full of Designer Clothes? And in your life time you'll probably high-light your hair; most people do. And stop coping gg, no we don't love you.
    Leighton your stunning.


    "Perfect" might not be possible to attain but i reckon Leighton is the nearest definition to PERFECT


    leighton u are so beautiful !!


    Yes, she looks beautiful in that picture, but not perfect!
    Theres really no such thing as perfect. We all are beautiful
    but we are all so used to finding beautiful as super skinny,
    very tan, tan or a little pale, highlighted hair, and stupid
    stores like Abercrombie and Hollister. She is NOT perfect!
    We NEED to understand that!
    You know u love me,
    xoxo, GoppipGirl <3


    she's pretty close to looking perfect. gosh.


    I think its a pretty picture. No harm done. Get over it.


    nao I know if you es the person most perfect of the world... so I know between as much you you very obtain to be special and tambem me would like you to know, the times I feel


    she is my fave character but this pic sends the wrong images to youg girls and makes guys horny...