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i like chuck's shoes.


i love chair forever! cheer up b!! hahahhaha what is chuck wearing..............


wth 's with b's hair these days ?? . . it's so....flat!?


Jenny sends Nate a picture of Serena and Dan laying in bed.. For sure Dan hits chuck while he is proposing to Blair.. this is all confusing I do not want to watch it anymore.. I loved Nate and Serena...


Blair looks so sad..and when chuck really slept with jenny maybe Blair can't forgive chuck anymore and chuck will be really losing her..OMG!!! I'm really love Chuck and Blair together...they're looks perfect..but why chuck destroy the relationship??? I can't believe they're really split..I'm so sad for it..


omg this must be where she see's jenny or something i dunno but i actually cant wait for this episode so then everything can finally make sense


this must be where she finds out



you seriously want everyone to believe your mom is stephanie savage's friend and she tells you all of the plot details before thhe episode comes out?


I apologize in advance fro what im about to say i live in the UK and just watched their final 2 episode promo and chuck sleeps with Jenny, Blair then tells Jenny to Leave , to see this promo goto spoiler.tv.



i know this cause my moms friend is Stephanie Savage and she tells us what happens

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