Kristen Schaal on 30 Rock
Kristen Schaal is seen here during her guest stint on 30 Rock. She's Kenneth's new protege.


Oh my god! I thought my husband I are were living in an alternate universe where everyone thought she was funny but us. She ruined 30 rock for me, too. We have to turn it off when she's on, which is a lot lately. Is she sleeping with Tina Fey? The Daily Show also gets switched off when she's on--she probably got her gig there becuase her husband was a DS writer. She tries to hard to be absurd and creepy but she's neither. And she does the same material over and over and over and over and it' still not funny. 30 Rock jumped the shark when they put her on and probably let her write her own parts.


I agree 100%. Kristen is not funny at all and certainly not the same caliber of the other actors. NBC took a huge gamble with bringing her on board but it has not paid off


Please get rid of Kristen Schaal. She is ruining the show. There are so many FUNNY actors and actresses out there. She is not a good choice and I guarantee you the ratings will go down if she comes back as recurrent character. ~A 30 Rock Hard-Core Fan

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Didn't you notice your food wasn't pre-chewed?

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