Kristen and Acosta duo - EVIL Season 1 Episode 3
Kristen and Acosta team up to determine whether a high-strung theater producer is possessed by a demon.

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EVIL Season 1 Episode 3: "3 Stars"
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EVIL Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Duke: I promised to give you 20 minutes, so Patty doesn’t drop a Me Too dime on me.
Acosta: So you think you’re vulnerable to the Me Too issues?
Duke: I didn’t say that. There’s a reason Harvey Weinstein went down. I don’t use sex, and I’m much more talented.

Kristen: That’s a real thing: People pledging their souls?
Acosta: It’s real in that if a human wants power, they can trade away their future for that power.
Kristen: Oh, so you mean it as a metaphor.
Acosta: No, I think a lot of what we consider metaphor is real.
Ben: Are you texting?
Kristen: No, I’m taking notes.