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Klaus for a Kiss
Whoa there, Klaus! He's getting a little too close to Caroline's lips in this scene from The Vampire Diaries.

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superbb scene....i just melted down


what happened to this scene?did it get deleted or something cause i don't remember it being in the episode...:(


na minha opinião elena e stefan como disse a caroline juntos são epicos, queria que a ponte de criação fosse desfeita, mas de qualquer forma o stefan já foi traido elena dormiu com seu irmão então as essas alturas fica a critério do autor ma o stefan não existe é tudo de bom!!!!


What's going on? I never saw this scene in the eppy?? :( And it can't be fake because it says it was given by the CW. So where did it go? Ugh I hope its not a deleted scene!! This moment seems too perfect to be deleted..


Now where did this scene go? I know my streaming was slow and i had to reboot a couple times but i didn't see it in the episode? Can anyone tell me when it happens?


OMG go ahead klaus Caroline needs to stop for a minute and just kiss him.SHE NEEDS TO GIVE HIM A CHANCE AND LET HIM IN HER HEART BUT I THINK SHE IS SCARED IF SHE LETS HIM IN HE IS JUST GOING TO HURT HER FEELINGS AND PLAY HER. Klaus likes Caroline but Caroline does not know if she should like him back but he is still evil but Caroline tries to see the good in him


Bring it on!


Noooooooo! Caroline would never go for him, it's not in her nature. If the writers go down that road they're changing her character way too much - I mean, would she fall for a guy who has done that much shit. Klaus is amazing character, but Klaroline isn't believable at all.


This is awesome :) They look so cool together!!!


Not close enough! I would love Caroline and Klaus to explore a relationship! What interesting why to develop Klaus's character - one of which you'd think would never be able to love. This storyline would be amazing. I do indeed love Tyler, but he needs to work out what happened with Haylee. Obviously, if Klaus is correct, he went there when he was away. Meaning Caroline wasn't the only sexy supernatural on his mind. PERFECT TIMING for Carlaus/Kline/karoline - whatever the name to act. Oh and the eye contact in this picture is amazing! Eeek! Exciting.

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