Ivy and Cece
That's not your granddaughter, Cece. Just saying.

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pq vcs colocam esse negf3cio de taadscrar celular? e quem naum tem celular como faz?? eu vou na lan sf3 pra assistir o seriado e agora naum consigo pq fik aparecendo esse negf3cio ai!!me ajuda ai ne9 gente!!!

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Nate: You still love her, huh?
Chuck: I can't imagine the day I won't.

Charlie: I've never seen so much lamé before. Grandma actually wore this?
Lily: Yes. And looked fabulous riding in on an elephant in it. Which is why the Studio 54 anniversary party is in her honor. And Bianca Jagger's, but we won't mention that to her when she arrives.