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Barry, Jay, Wally, and Jesse are not the only famous speedsters in the Flash mythos. Bart Allen a.k.a. Impulse is the son of Don Allen, one of Barry and Iris's future kids. <P><P> Smallville fans will remember Bart when he was played by Kyle Gallner. The Flash has even given a hilarious nod or two to Bart in past seasons. <P><P> It's time that we meet the Arrowverse's version of Bart in The Flash Season 4. He doesn't have to be a main character necessarily, but at least as a fun guest character. <P><P> Introducing Bart would also be perfect for this season because Barry and Iris are getting married. What would be a greater way to symbolize how epic their love is by having one of their future grandchildren visit them in 2017? <P><P> I can't think of a better way to show the amazing family that Barry and Iris are going create down the line. There is also another reason I want Bart to show up, but more on that later.

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