Hottest Couple of All Time
Well, maybe not of all time. But we love us some Chair. How can you not!

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they ARE the hottest couple of all time


i love chair!!!!!!!! hottest couple....... i love their hot scenes...


Miss the old Chair :(
For me this couple has been spoiled, and I blame the writers.
I miss the games and the ups and downs.
They have become an old married couple and already I'm bored with them.
I use to love Chair so much, and even now I still do in hope that something good will come of it.
But I think Chuck's character has been tooo watered down, and I miss how he used to be in Season 1 & 2.
I miss how he was egotistic, womanizing and blunt.
All of those things seem to have been erased from his character, and that's what making Chair soooo boring!
Something scandalous needs to happen to engage the audience.
We need more raunchy scenes, not pecks on the cheeks!
I will continue to hope, but will remain disappointed.
Cute pic though.


Her hair looks soooo much better when she goes darker...


They are the hottest couple ever! Though I think they were hotter last season, but I still love them anyway.


I think, they will not end up together because they already have perfect relationship now.. no dramas..


finally cute hair... this is so much better.......
chuck... omg...
agree 100% some PDA plz!


her hair looks so gorgeous like this :)


they need more sexy scenes~!!!!and show more PDA :DDD


they need to have sexy chair scenes.

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