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Are the feelings really gone? Stefan pulls Elena in closely in this still from The Vampire Diaries.

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L stefan

this is my favourite photo, ever:) obviously those feelings aren't gone, klaus said it him self, that kind of love never dies... no matter what, they have to be together, they are so perfect and just look at the passion in this photo!x


I totally agree with you Heather! :) I love Stelena.. they are just soulmates and meant to be together!


Like this picture even that i`m not a fan of this couple..


Ohh, I like this photo, it looks like Elena does not expect Stefan wanting to get close to her again. It is a cocktail of emotions and feelings in her pose - surprise, fright, interest, confusion...


Now this is what I have been waiting for since episode 5 when Stefan would not kill Elena in the gym because he loves her. I hate the whole Damon/Elena story he is not who she is ment to be with. Im sorry Delena fans but I really hope it never happens, and I think people forget it it wasn't for Stefan your precious Damon would have died about 5 times already.. Stefan for the win.


Is this katherine??..somehow it doesn`t looks like elena


Hmmmm i dont think she is pushing away... but rather in shock or sweet sweet passion! and all you Delena fans suck for rating it so low. I didnt do that for y'all's pictures

Jose t

doesnt look that way too me nina...


well to me it seems like Elena tries to get out of his grasps.....not very romantic

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Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW
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