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Are the feelings really gone? Stefan pulls Elena in closely in this still from The Vampire Diaries.

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Before the midseason break I cried over Stelena scenes when you can feel their struggle to be together. I always feel the love between Stefan and Elena. I like both Stelena and Delena, but I think Stefan and Elena will still end up together. The Delena scenes though were also my favorites. This is one good photo of Stelena.


It looks like she is pushing him away, does not want to dance with him and he is holding her tight as she tries to get away.


eu e voce estamo conequitados ok ok ok ok ok


im a huge delena fan, but I'm not gonna lie, I really like this picture :-)


stefan and elena need to be together. its the vampire DIARIES...duh


My heart breaks in the last episode about the kiss, Stefan knew it and I love how he react with it. I'm a big fan of Damon but still Stefan and Elena are much better love team, hoping for the next episode there still a feelings for each other, Go go go Stefan and Elena


@Kimmie hahaha i agree somewhat... I was shipping Stefan/Rebekah, and Stefan/Bonnie but hoping Delena would finally have a chance after the touching Stelena scene... I thought for sure she admitted it and she actually felt something for him. I mean her chemistry with Stefan and Damon is brilliant, because they are all fantastic actors.. but I just never really liked Stelena... I was always a mad Damon and Delena fan. I want to know what's going on in Elena's head.. It's been three years of Stelena.. I just want Delena NOW! (And Klaroline, please!).


it's true, they're meant to be together. I'm a fan of Damon but even I can agree that stefan and elena have the kind of love that never dies. It's the entire base of the show, the love between these two and how it transcends everything else.

Kimberly anne

Ugh. I want Delena. Stefan needs to just go away.


why does it look like elena's pushing stefan away ?

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Anyone else feeling a little used right now?


Drive much?

Rebekah [to Elena]