Hot Dair Action?!
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Dan and Blair captured in a photo from the February 13, 2012 episode of Gossip Girl.

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    Chuck and Blair

    We call them Chair. And we'll never forget the ups and downs that led to their love.

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    Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch around here.

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    i didn't know georgina went to constance.


    chair can never be friends:
    i dont think chuck sent it, but it makes sense that they all think he would, its not far out of the realm of possibility. I think that chuck is changed also, but if you are going to take chuck for what he is now, ignoring everything thing hes done before i dont think its fair that there would be a double standard, and you would take dan for the bad things hes done before, thats what i was trying to do in my post, not get you all to hate chuck, but point out that it isn't fair to forget all that chucks done and only remember dan for what he has done wrong in the past. at this point in time they are both good men so whoever blair is with is whatevs i just hate everyone hatin on dan


    @dairdevil and oh you really think chuck sent it? lol i would so love to hear your opinion if dan is the one who sent it but you will prob just ignore and keep bragging about how perfect dan is or u will prob say how OOC it was for him do that.


    @dairdevil Im sorry but no, chuck from season 1 to 4x21 was the worse guy on this show but the "changed" chuck from 4x22 to right now is a way better person than dan will ever be. dan is a weak,selfish,judgemental dick and always has been. also stop judging chuck why do u think i dont like dan? pointing out all the bad things chuck done from season 1 to 4x22 is not who he is today. He is changing and trying to become a better person. chuck is more open,selfless and honest this season and thats how i can can tell he's not the same person.


    Dairdevil you are right. Also, it would be fun to watch something sweeter than two people destroying each other like Chair...


    i don't think that he is perfect and sometimes i don't like him, but he is a better man than chuck, anyone with half a brain can compare the things that chuck has done wrong to blair (telling her she's no better than his dads horse, leaving her at the airport, refusing to tell her he loves her, trading her for a hotel, sleeping with someone else and then attempting to propose like nothing happened, getting drunk and punching the window, raina, eva,), and the list of things dan has done wrong to blair (telling her that she shouldn't tell chuck she loves him and bringing that video to her birthday party) lets look at those lists and see which one is worse? I don't really care that people agree with you, because i don't think you would find those faults important if you didn't think that dan was a threat to chuck, but might i remind you that blair would have never reconsidered chuck this season if she didn't find out he was "good" and that he became good because of Dan...


    obviously you didn't read my post because i mentioned that the book was written years ago and was never intended to be seen, and as i said at the end i understand that he used to be a judgmental character as for thinking chuck sent in the video? that was completely reasonable and not judgmental because it makes sense that he would send it. as for the vows? he did them because of his love for blair, because he can stand aside and try to make her happy with someone else, i honestly can't believe you would use the vows as something he did that makes him awful. Chuck would never let her be happy unless it was with him. And to his conversations with serena, recently he didn't say anything jerky to her because he had no idea that she loved him, he had a few conversations in the beginning of the season but he rightfully stood up for himself because if he really was the love of her life she wouldn't ditch him for the next guest star with chiseled features every half a season.


    dan is pathetic she doesn't love you.They look pathetic together ew...


    @Gracey101 I totally agree with you :)


    Lots of people agree with me. I'm sorry that you've put him on a pedestal, but he's an awful character. I've seen every episode of GG so I know what I'm talking about. That's fine if you have a different opinion, but I'm making these conclusions from watching the show and realizing that I hate this character. If you like him, you can have him! Personally, I can't stand him for a lot of reasons.