Growing Closer
Billy and Nora grow closer but will they survive long enough to find romance on Revolution? "The Longest Day" is the 17th episode of the show's first season.

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Revolution Season 1 Episode 17: "The Longest Day"
Miles Matheson, Nora
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Wilmington, NC
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Revolution Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

What makes you think that I'm in it to help people? I want power so Monroe's enemies can wipe him off the map. I want to kill the man who killed my son, that's it.


Jason: I don't understand you. Why are you doing this? I don't want your help.
Tom: Look, I know what kind of man I am. I have done every bad thing in the good book. I have lied; I have stolen; I have killed and worse. I don't care if you're the devil himself. Everyone draws the line somewhere, and leaving my only son to die alone I guess that's where I draw the line.