Girls on a Mission
It's off to a doll hospital for the girls on the penultimate episode of season two. This is a scene from "If These Dolls Could Talk."

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The few who really waetchd this show, apart from the official ratings numbers, signifies this will be cancelled very early. No one's even heard of the books, and the American market this fiction is set within surely hasn't even heard of it for the obvious reasons. That there's a reason for everything seems to hold a lot of truth.Undoubtedly, the Americans will nudge the little overseas operated television/publishing industry that produces this to disappear and either take the production over or dissolve it and focus their efforts on the author and its origins and the productions overseas source.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 24 Quotes

Hanna: What's in the bag?
Mona: Shower gel. I need to scrub off ten layers of shame.

We don't need to get all freaked out over a newsflash from Casper the friendly host.